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Unived manufactures a wide range of dietary supplements that are classified under the following categories:

  • Sports
  • Wellness
  • Women
  • Men
  • Seniors
  • Kids
  • Pets

Vegan food/supplement refers to any type of food/supplement that is formulated and manufactured without the use of ingredients that are either produced by or derived from animals.

Yes. Our supplements are formulated and manufactured under our own vegan manufacturing facility.

Our supplements are completely free from additives and fillers, and they are also void of non-GMO ingredients and any unnecessary substances.

No. Our supplements are not designed to cure or prevent any diseases or health conditions. They are intended solely as a supportive and supplementary addition to one's diet.

Unived supplements have obtained FSSAI certification, and we are proud to be registered as an ethical vegan company by The Vegan Society-UK. Furthermore, Unived Healthcare products have achieved a significant milestone as the first nutritional supplements company to be included in PETA India's cruelty-free list.

This is a common question we're asked by many customers. Several of our products can be taken out of their pull-apart capsule. However, we do not recommend you do this for some products.

We do not recommend using any of our products beyond their expiration dates.

No. Unived is an ethical Vegan company. We vouch for the abolition of animal testing all together.

Unived's products are not certified organic, nor claimed to be organic. Some of our formulations use certified organic ingredients, in which case the ingredient would be listed as an organic ingredient under the ingredients section of the packaging.

Each individual is different, and each ingredient has a different mode of action for how it works within the body. Some ingredients such as Melatonin, L-theanine, Caffeine, can offer relatively quick & immediate result. Where as, other products like a multivitamin, or our Daily Supergreens, are more preventive health and general wellbeing products, and so an immediate effect may not be experienced.

Many of the ingredients Unived uses are natural botanical ingredients. Color variance is normal for botanical ingredients, and color may vary depending on the time of the year the botanical was harvested. Color changes may also occur as a result of Unived changing the products formula or changing the raw material supplier.

Unived does not use fillers, or any unnecessary ingredients, in any formulations.

Unived does not purchase Silicon Dioxide. It is not an ingredient that enters our facility, and is not used in any of our formulations.

If you have purchased the product directly through our website, and if the product is unopened & in its original packaging, then we may be able to assist you with a return. Kindly write to us via the Order Support form on our website.

If you have purchased the product through other e-commerce portals, or stores, you would need to speak directly with them.

International orders, once shipped, cannot be cancelled or returned.

Yes, we ship to several countries. We use DHL for all international orders. The customer will be responsible for clearing the products, and paying import / custom duty in the receiving country.

Domestic Orders

Orders placed prior to 1pm, are typically packed & shipped on the same day. Orders placed after 1pm, may be packed & shipped on the next working day. Orders are typically delivered to most Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, within 2 to 4 working days. Although, in certain situations like festive periods, monsoons, etc, it may take upto 7-10 working days.

Unived uses BlueDart for most deliveries. In case you reside within our city or neighbouring city, we may use a local courier partner as we find they are typically quicker.

If you require assistance on an order you have placed, please fill in the Order Support form on our Support Page.

International Orders

We ship via DHL. It may take between 7-21 days depending on your address.

You may order directly via our Shop.

If you wish to place a bulk or wholesale order, you may write to us at or submit your comments via the Business Inquiry section on our website.

We're sorry to note that your order hasn't reached you yet. There may be a logistical issue, we're happy to look into it and assist you. Kindly submit your order ID and note via our Order Support form.



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