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30 April 2023

Vipul Secures Podium Finish at Kochi Marathon, Sets Sights on Ultramarathon

Vipul has been on a winning streak, achieving second place at the Federal Kochi Marathon with an impressive time of  2:36:07. He also recently secured a podium finish, coming in first place in the half marathon category at the local race called the Dwarka Half Marathon. He clocked a 1:13:40 in this training race. With his sights set on new challenges, Vipul is currently training for an upcoming Ultramarathon in July.

18 April 2023

Trail Running Phenom Sannat Sachdev to Represent India at Global Stage

Sannat Sachdev is all set to represent India at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championship in Austria this June. He's been on a winning streak, with recent victories at the Buddha Trails (27.3k category, 3:00:58) and the Malnad Ultra 50K (first position, 4:43:41) last year. Sannat is ready to take on the world stage and make his country proud.

26 February 2023

Nihal Shatters Personal Record by Four Minutes at New Delhi Marathon & Places Second at TMM23

Unived Elite Nihal made an impressive start to the year, securing a second-place finish in the amateur category with a personal best time of 2:28:17 at the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Continuing his winning streak, Nihal outdid himself in late February by competing in the elite category at the New Delhi Marathon and breaking his own personal record by a remarkable four minutes. He completed the race with an exceptional finish time of 2:24:12.

26 February 2023

Krish Makes Strong Comeback with Sub-3 Finish at New Delhi Marathon

Unived Athlete Krish, gave his all at the New Delhi Marathon last weekend. This was Krish's first full marathon in four years, and he crushed it. Despite having a bleeding toe, he ran a sub-3 Boston Qualifier and crossed the finish line in an impressive time of 2:59.

27 November 2022

Nupur Makes a Comeback with a Win at Malnad 30K Run

Despite a challenging few months, Nupur bounces back with a first-place win at the Malnad 30K Run. After recovering from dengue fever and getting back into her running routine, Nupur showcased her resilience and endurance by securing first place in the women's category and finishing eighth overall. She completed the race with an impressive time of 3:23:07.

27 November 2022

Kuljeet gets Boston Qualified

Unived Athlete Kuljeet, recently competed in the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon, where he achieved an impressive Boston-qualifying time of 3:08:32. Although he trained for a better timing and despite facing a few challenges, Kuljeet was determined to accomplish a sub-3 run.

27 November 2022

Vipul finishes strong at Pune International Marathon

Unived Athlete Vipul participated in the Pune International Marathon, completing the full marathon in 2:38:07. Despite tough competition in the Indian Elite category, Vipul managed to secure third place. As the year draws to a close, Vipul looks forward to his final race at the Vasai Virar Marathon in December.

16 October 2022

Vipul Continues Winning Streak with Podium Finish at Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Vipul secured yet another podium at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon held in his hometown, with a time of 1:14:44, earning him a third place on the podium. Currently in his training phase, he is gearing up to participate in the upcoming Pune International and Vasai-Virar marathons.

16 October 2022

Nivi a Runs Boston Qualifier at her 10th Marathon

Unived Athlete Nivedita Samanta completed her 10th marathon at the Chicago Marathon with an impressive finish time of 03:31:21. Despite battling the after-effects of Covid and facing health challenges, Nivi was able to plan her training and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

09 October 2022

Rahul Beakta Places Second and Sets Course Record at Solang SkyUltra 100K Race

Unived Athlete Rahul Beakta, achieved a stunning debut in his first 100K at the Solang SkyUltra 2022, placing second on the podium and timing the second-best course record 19:26:02. His racing season has been remarkable so far with a 5th place at Vagamon Ultrail 60K, timing 8.33. In preparation for the Solang SkyUltra, he also won 'The Himalayan Expedition Silk Route’ as a training run.

27 August 2022

Vipul Smashes National Record in First International Race

Vipul, a runner from Delhi, participated in his first international race and shattered the national record for 100K by finishing in 7 hours, 4 minutes, and 52 seconds. He competed against several other runners as he represented India. Vipul's exceptional performance demonstrated his versatility as a runner, excelling in distances ranging from 21K to ultramarathons, and his emotional finish was a memorable moment.

27 August 2022

Injury Can't Stop Nupur's Fighting Spirit at the World Championships

In December, Nupur set the National Record for 100K in Bengaluru, earning her a spot to represent India at the IAU 100K World Championships in Berlin. However, Nupur suffered an injury during the taper phase, forcing her to adjust her approach to the race and rely on painkillers to manage the discomfort. Despite her injury, Nupur persevered and crossed the finish line with a time of 8:52:12.

19 May 2022


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01 May 2022

Record-Breaking Victory for Nupur at Bengaluru 100K Stadium Run

Unived Athlete Nupur conquered the Bengaluru 100K Stadium Run, where she ran in circles for over eight hours to emerge as the overall winner among women. Her incredible performance set a new national record for 100K, finishing the race in a stunning time of 8:44:27

10 April 2022

Vipul's Road to the World Championships: A Journey of Achievements

Vipul's outstanding running performances at the New Delhi Marathon and the Bengaluru Marathon have earned him podium finishes at both events. Kicking off his 2022 season on a high note, he achieved a personal best time of 2:33 at the New Delhi Marathon, securing second place. He placed first at the Bengaluru Marathon clocking a 2:38:50. Vipul has also qualified for the 100K World Championship where he will be representing India in Berlin in August of this year.

27 March 2022

Nupur places second at the NDM 2022

Nupur ran in the Elite Category at the New Delhi Marathon and placed second while clocking a 3:16:01 in the full marathon distance. This was her first time running in the Elite category but Nupur absolutely crushed it on race day and showed up with her A-game to take the second-place finish.

20 March 2022

Nupur Conquers Challenging Terrain to Finish Strong in Eco Trail Alula 80K

Nupur traveled to Saudi Arabia to compete in the Eco Trail Alula 80K race, and her performance was nothing short of impressive. Despite the challenging terrain, which was rocky and sandy, she managed to finish in second place in the women's category and even secured a spot in the top ten overall finishers

The Malnad Ultra

"The Malnad Ultra is a trail run designed to provide the next-level experience for runners. The course is laid out in the heartland of Indian coffee in the Malnad region of South India at elevations from 800 to 1500 m. The 7th Edition is scheduled for November 25, 2023.

Unived has been our official Hydration Partner, since the inception of the race in 2016, and has also supported us with elite athlete participation." ~ Anand Adkoli, Race Director.

Vagamon UlTrail

'Vagamon ULtrail is a tough & beautiful trail race that takes place in the Vaman region of South India. Our association with Unived started in 2018, right from the first edition of the race. The entire team at Vagamon is 100% volunteer driven, all of whom are trail runners themselves. 

Unived has been our only hydration partner since inception. Unived's products & packaging for trail races allow us to handle the hydration easily in the remotest of the aid stations during a trail race. We cherish the transparency that the Unived team brings to all the transactions and admire Unived's inspiration from nature to create wonderful products for the running community.' ~ Vijayan Pillai, Race Director.

About Unived

Our research based formulations, are developed & manufactured in-house, and used by athletes of all levels, across the World.

In 2014, Unived became the first company in India, to develop energy gels for endurance athletes. With the launch of our original RRUNN Gels, we not only introduced the first product of this kind in India, but also the first ever liquid gels in the World. Unlike the typically available gooey gels, our gels were water-based, easy to get down, and quicker in effect.

A few years later, we launched the World's first 45gram gel, developed with a scientifically proven 2:1 ratio that maximises carbohydrate absorption by utilising a dual-absorption pathway, namely the SGLT1 and GLUT5 pathways.

Along with our gels, we have an extensive line of products that are specifically formulated for endurance athletes. You can read more about them through our Sports Nutrition Collection.

Unived Elite

Unived Elite athletes are seasoned professionals who are competing at the very top of their sport. These athletes operate at optimal levels, and maintain a careful integration and balance of training & nutrition. They have access to our complete knowledge of nutrition and race specific fueling, which we’ve developed across nearly a decade of working in this field. We work with our elite athletes on various levels of support.

Unived Athletes

Unived Athletes are recreational athletes who are at a higher level of performance, achieved through their dedication and consistency in training and racing. These athletes receive greater support from us, enabling them to train harder and progress towards optimal performance.

Unived Teams

Unived Teams comprise of racing teams across endurance sports. We understand the teams training & racing goals, and work with them on an individual & team level, to help improve & optimise their performance.

Sponsorship Application

Our application process opens in November, each year, where athletes apply to seek sponsorship for the following year. Athletes are selected purely on merit and ability. We look forward to receiving your application.

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