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Unived Healthcare Announces a 1 Crore Investment Fund for Innovators in the Nutrition, Sports, and Tech Sectors

Unived Healthcare Products Private Limited, a pioneering player in the dietary supplement industry, is thrilled to unveil a 1 crore investment fund. This fund is dedicated to supporting visionary founders and entrepreneurs in the realms of health, wellness, healthy foods, sports, and sports & health tech.

Unived's investment focus extends to the following sectors:

  1. Nutritious Foods (functional foods / healthy snacks): Entrepreneurs innovating in the realm of nutritious and sustainable Vegan foods will find a strategic partner in Unived, as they seek to promote healthier dietary choices.
  2. Topical applications: Scientifically formulated topical applications for condition specific skin & hair health. Strictly no beauty/fairness products.
  3. Sports: Whether it's cutting-edge sports equipment, training programs, or sports nutrition, Unived is interested in fueling advancements in the sports industry.
  4. Sports & Health Tech: Innovations at the intersection of sports and technology, such as wearables, data analytics, and telehealth solutions, are on Unived's radar for investment opportunities.

Note: Products must be ethically & scientifically formulated, and must be free of fad ingredients & false claims. Portfolio must be 100% Vegan.

To be eligible for investment, companies must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Fully Bootstrapped: Unived is committed to supporting companies that have demonstrated their ability to bootstrap and grow their business organically.
  2. Founder-Run: The leadership of the company must be driven by its founders, showcasing their passion and dedication to their vision.
  3. Vegan Portfolio: The entire product portfolio must be 100% vegan, aligning with Unived's ethical values.
  4. In-House Manufacturing: Food and supplement companies must have in-house manufacturing capabilities or be willing to transition exclusively to in-house manufacturing with zero outsourcing.
  5. In-house Tech: Tech companies must have in-house IP, and a qualified CTO who's fully vested in the business, for the long-term.

How to Apply

About Unived

Founded in 2010, Unived Healthcare Products Private Limited is a bootstrapped, debt-free, and profitable business that places a strong emphasis on research and in-house manufacturing across its product range. With a track record of innovation and quality, Unived is not just offering funding, but also in-house expertise that it's built across the past 13+ years.

Founders and entrepreneurs with transformative ideas are encouraged to reach out to Unived and share their compelling thesis for a chance to access this investment fund and propel their businesses to new heights. Let's collaborate to shape a healthier and more sustainable future together!

About The Unived Fund

This will be entirely funded from our bottom line. We believe in keeping things simple.



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